That is still baked with the “old world” way with finesse and quality. Using only the finest quality ingredients, this truly specialty bread product can be produced in numerous popular sizes, flavors and package sizes. Both retail and food service packages are available. Our Mediterranean middle east formulas are over 100 years old and our the number one selling formula and package in many different ethnic groups around the country. Global Bakeries production capabilities can produce and package over 30,000 pita loaves every hour.

14 Responses to PITA BREAD

  1. Terry says:

    Where can I buy your pita ?

  2. Sal romeo says:

    I am in Hollywood , Glendale. Where can I buy your Whole Wheat pita.

  3. Steve says:

    Your whole wheat pita lists an ingredient called Cal.Pro and says it is used for freshness…can anyone provide the info on exactly what this is?

  4. Sean Schtakleff says:

    Do you ship your products and is there a minimum order?

  5. Kathy Paltan says:

    I’m in NH. Do you ship your pita bread to the east coast?

  6. Sabina Goller says:

    I live here in the Desert Palm Springs aria, do you ship your pita bread? Or you special stores here, that I can pay you products?

    Thanks for information

    Sabina Goller

  7. Mel Tenen says:

    Where in the West Los Angeles area is your Plain Brick Oven Pita Bread (super thin) sold.

  8. Deb Daelan says:

    Where in Eugene Or. Can I purchase your Pita Bread?
    Thank you

  9. NK says:

    Sabina- I bought my Global Bakeries pita bread at Von’s in La Quinta. There may be a closer Von’s to you.

  10. Angelina Babick says:

    Where can I buy your #1 Pita Bread 14 Jack Whole Wheat in Torrance, CA area. Do you sell online?

  11. Angelina Babick says:

    Where can I buy tour #1 pita bread Jack whole wheat pita in Torrance, CA area?

  12. Kyle says:

    Vons or Pavillions………. Thanks

  13. Kyle says:

    Whole Foods……

  14. Tom Moschetti says:

    I buy various Global pita and flat breads from San Fernando Valley Produce. They are all deliciously fresh.

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